36. Clutter – Cathy Head

Medium: Oamaru limestone
Size: 600mm H x 1200mm W x 600mm D
Price: $2,750

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Clutter is a large rectangular block of Oamaru Limestone into which letters have been incised by hand, using the traditional letter cutting tools of chisels and a small dummy mallet.

It is a simple monumental block of stone which by being placed in an alien landscape poses different questions. On one level it is amusing to have a beautiful open landscape containing an obviously human-made element with the word Clutter written on it. On another level the piece asks “Why is it here?” Is public art clutter? How does the piece change the landscape it sits in and how is our visual experience of the landscape affected by its presence?

The concept of the piece being a bit of clutter is offset by its size and shape, it can be sat on, or climbed on to become a vantage point for viewing the land. We live in a society now which is both consumer driven and we all have an awareness of vanishing resources. This piece was once part of the landscape and once again rests in it.

Cathy Head is an Auckland based artist who, as a trained stone mason has worked on historic buildings in England for 15 years. She has a BA Hons degree in Fine Art and an MA in Sculpture. Her work is shown at galleries in Auckland and is held in private collections.